January 1, 2020 | New Year, New Blog

...and maybe even some dog memes

dog computer new blog

January 9, 2020

Ah, the fun of blogging! So many companies do it, and it seems so effortless. When you dig deep into the process, you'll find a game of brainstorming, research, tracking down the most willing writers in the company, and pushing copy through multiple rounds of edits written with various voices. And as soon as you get close to the "final" draft, a significant business need usually takes precedence over the blog, and you move on.

Since 2020 (the year) was approaching quickly, and since our name is "2020 Companies, we decided it was an appropriate time to start a blog officially! We agreed I would kick it off and bring my own perspective about life, the universe, and everything (<---a reference for my fellow geeks), as well as things I've learned during my five years at @2020Companies.  We will even weave in some other writers down the line for a more diverse viewpoint. The goal with our "@2020* Vision" blog is to inspire relatable, transparent, and vulnerable conversations about growth in our personal and professional lives.

This blog is for YOU, so be sure to join in on the conversation via socials!

Kimberly Gray - Digital Strategy Manager