Beyond the Retail Walls

The window shopping of yesterday is similar to the online browsing of today. The major difference? Touchpoints.

In the first scenario, when a customer stood amongst your products, you could see their curiosity, interest, and interaction with your brand.  You were able to intuitively fill the space between considering a purchase and completing and purchase through customer service touchpoints.

In the online scenario, it's not as easy to gauge a customer's interest.  You must understand your audience without ever seeing or speaking with them.  You must build trust amongst the masses of your competitors trying to do the exact same thing.  These inherent gaps in the digital customer journey often prevent a one-time sale from becoming a forever customer.  The time it takes to analyze clicks-to-purchase can take away from what you need to focus on: your BRAND.

At 2020 Companies, we have a swath of experts with the time and passion to know your audience and influence their purchase decisions.

At 2020 Companies, we have a swath of experts equipped with in-depth knowledge about your audience, real-time data to back it up, and a cost-effective way to market your BRAND.

  • Click & Collect
  • Virtual Shoppers
  • Reputation Management - Review Response Teams
  • Programmatic Advertising

"I began my journey with 2020 Companies in 2014 in Sales, and have had tremendous growth opportunities since that time"

Yesenia O.

South Texas

Yesenia Ozuna



"From starting at the bottom to now overseeing a region in the Northeast, the NRG Team gave me the support and opportunity I was looking for!"

Mark B.

Regional Manager



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