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The First Impression

It all happens within the first few seconds of meeting someone: a first impression. But what if someone misheard you, or you came across differently than you intended? Sure, you may be able to repair the misunderstanding, but there is no second-first impression.  The same can be said about your brand. If your customer receives an uninformed or poor brand experience, it's not that your brand is bad, right? It's just that your brand was misrepresented by someone who didn't know your brand as well.

Finding and keeping the right people to represent your products and services can be challenging. When it comes to direct sales, the will is just as important as the skill. Your brand should shine through the sale instead of being overshadowed by uninformed and pushy selling.

At 2020 Companies, we provide the right people at the right time to help you grow your brand and meet your sales goals. We believe our sales culture, ability to fill positions quickly, and our use of technology separates us from other third-party labor providers. Our decades of experience coupled with our people-first approach means you can do what you do best: scale your business.

"I began my journey with 2020 Companies in 2014 in Sales, and have had tremendous growth opportunities since that time"

Yesenia O.

South Texas

Yesenia Ozuna



Baily Simon

Lead Designer

Baily is our lead designer. She has a creative vision like no one else. From the grand perspective and down to that 1x1 pixel, she excels. In her spare time, she loves to collect original vintage marketing materials from former East Germany.


Emma Lee

UI Designer

Emma knows a thing or two about buttons and sliders. She has studied user interaction for a decade and always knows how to tackle any given UI challenge. When not working with interface design, she rides her bike in her back garden.


Alina Sweet

Project Manager

If you have a question about your project, you ask Alina. Her desk might not indicate she is an organized person, but she is. Alina also has a sweet spot for vintage stuff and in her vacations she travels the Baltics to hunt down vintage toys from the 50's.


Vince Summer

Founder and Developer

Vince found our pet beaver Rufus wandering around the neighborhood looking for a place to live. That episode led to the idea of Beaver Agency and the rest is history. All waking hours, Vince and Rufus are on the road looking for Beaver Beauty Competitions - they haven't found one yet.


Eric Hill

Lead Developer

Eric makes it all happen. He always wanted to be an astronaut, but a leg injury killed that dream. Now he enjoys solving other missions for colleagues and clients. In his free time, he builds small rockets and teaches science in a youth club down town.



Pet Beaver

Rufus likes to swim, sleep and eat carrots, and that's what he does. Rufus was once always running around our office, but now is always on the road with Vince 24/7/365.



Continually leverage existing emerging core competencies for empowered experiences. Appropriately harness customer directed content and go forward paradigms. Distinctively generate state of the art architectures for world-class markets. Distinctively actualize seamless materials after 24/365 customer service. Holistically pursue premier resources without sticky materials.

Professionally disseminate fully tested e-tailers vis-a-vis magnetic methodologies. Dramatically implement emerging materials via efficient e-business. Continually productivate global paradigms for go forward functionalities. Compellingly evolve out-of-the-box solutions for error-free technologies. Credibly e-enable stand-alone mindshare vis-a-vis empowered methods of empowerment.

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