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What Is A 3PL Marketing Company?

We are asked this question so often that we decided to write a blog on this topic. We have consistently transformed our business and capabilities over our 30 years in the marketing industry. While other marketing agencies have some of the same capabilities, we provide an entirely different package to our clients. In addition, we study marketing trends and ensure our business can transform to meet our clients’ needs.

Typically, "Marketing" and "3PL" aren't commonly used together. However, of the many retail and experiential marketing services we offer, "3PL Marketing Company" are three words we use to describe our agency. 2020 Companies continues to adapt our services to bring our clients efficient results-focused marketing services. In fact, we believe that “3PL Marketing Company” is a marketing industry category that encompasses the multitude of capabilities we provide our partners.

Quickly, let's define some industry terms to provide better insight into what we do and why we use the term Marketing 3PL Company.

What Is A 3PL?

Third-Party Logistics providers ("3PL") are utilized by many businesses to oversee and manage their supply chain management. 3PLs specialize in optimizing the supply chain, allowing brands to focus on sales, marketing, and other business operations.

What Is 3PL Marketing Company?

Brands need knowledgeable people at retail stores and events to promote their brands' products. Therefore. a 3PL Marketing Company quickly supplies talented people in target markets and provides marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and sales. Simply put, a 3PL Marketing Company provides turnkey solutions to promote and sell products, focusing on target consumers.

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Why Do Brands Use A 3PL Marketing Company?

There are many reasons that brands choose to use a 3PL Marketing Agency. With this in mind, we've selected 6 reasons why brands consider a 3PL Marketing Agency as their partner.

Access To Expert Field Staff:

Expert Salespeople:

Brand representatives that understand sales and have the skills to make sales happen.

Brand Ambassadors:

Bright, energetic, and passionate talent that can positively represent your brand.

Tour Staff:

These brand ambassadors know the rules of the road. Staff that knows how to set up and take down event activations with the capabilities to drive mobile tour materials to the next event site.

Retail Merchandisers:

Field Staff that ensures your product is on the sales floor. Additionally, these retail experts guarantee that the product is displayed correctly, along with the correct marketing materials. These road worries work quickly, and visit multiple retail locations each day.

Display Installation Experts:

Building displays requires a handyperson with a passion for troubleshooting issues. An organized and detail-oriented handyperson with troubleshooting skills that build displays that drive consumer interaction.

Access To Expert Management Staff:

Inventory Specialist:

Brand activations have many moving parts. Having an inventory expert on your side makes it easier to focus on your goals.

Field And Regional Managers:

As your program scales up or down, it is vital that you have access to experienced managers that know how to motivate and support field teams to reach their goals.

Experiential And Tour Managers:

All brand representatives are not alike. Experiential and Tour Managers keep your brand activation running smoothly while providing the best brand marketing interactions.

Training Managers:

It is vital that the field people representing your brand know your product well. Training Managers drive excellence through knowledge and ensure product updates are distributed efficiently.

Account Management Team:

Having one central contact at an agency creates efficiency and ensures your time is valued. Account Management Teams also create and provide reporting so that brands have proof of effectiveness.


Not every marketing campaign starts as a national program. 3PL Marketing Agencies provide the capability to grow programs as they show proof of success.

Nationwide Coverage:

While staffing a nationwide program seems like it might be easy, a brand needs a recruiting department that has the tools and employee database to move quickly. For this reason, our dedicated recruiting department focuses on selecting employees with the specific skills needed for each program. For example, retail sales reps, tour staff, retail merchandisers, experiential brand ambassadors, and retail installers all have different skill sets.

Enhance Capabilities, Tools, And Data:

Brands have the tools they need to perform their tasks correctly, but when it comes to in-person face-to-face marketing, 3PL Marketing Agencies have built precise tools to measure and track results.

Meet And Exceed Overwhelming Goals:

Everyone is tasked with overwhelming goals at some point in their career. 3PL Marketing Agencies help reach those goals and alleviate the stress that comes with those goals.

Overall, brands have a limited number of resources or have challenging goals to achieve. A 3PL Marketing Company is the perfect addition to accomplishing brand goals through strategy and experience.

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What is 2020 Companies' Signature Service?

2020 Companies continually evolves our marketing capabilities to bring our clients cutting-edge strategies to develop their brands’ retail and event activations. For this reason, our clients know that we provide them with the best services and support. However, one capability will always remain our core focus, providing the best-in-class marketing talent. Notably, we hire and train the best employees, from our customer service center to our field teams.

Additionally, we invest in our people and actively support employee growth. Our people bring innovation and excellence to our clients daily. We invest in our people because it is the right thing to do, and we are rewarded through their passion for meeting our clients' goals. Furthermore, we've been recognized by Glassdoor as one of the Best Places to Work in 2023.

When brands are looking for a knowledgeable marketing team to represent their brand, they come to 2020 Companies. 2020 Companies has been providing brand sales and support since 1991.


About 2020 Companies, 3PL Marketing Company

2020 Companies (Southlake, TX) is a sales strategy and experiential marketing agency that provides innovative turnkey outsourced solutions to assist sales, create experiences, provide marketing strategy, execute merchandising needs, and develop virtual/online/in-person training nationwide. 2020 Companies has over 10,000 employees across the United States in over 50,000 retail locations, partnering with many of the most recognized consumer electronics and consumer goods global brands.