The Challenge

2020 was asked to introduce a new product to more than 5,000 dealers with three store visits each, over an eight-week period.

Our Approach

Focusing on our industry-leading speed to market, we deployed 204 indirect sales reps in four weeks to conduct product training, sales awareness, light merchandising, and brand advocacy.

Using a proprietary activity-tracking tool powered by Salesforce, we split regional territories between sales reps to optimize drive times. This allowed us to scale our team to deliver comprehensive coverage of retail locations in the limited timetable.

The Results

By keeping our team on schedule, 2020 concluded the product launch at 100% of the locations with 13,500 visits over eight weeks, 45 states, and five time zones.

Our Case Studies

Our results speak for themselves, and so do our case studies.

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Rapidly Expanding a Sales Force by 300%

We successfully recruited, trained, and staffed 900+ sales reps over the course of eight weeks.

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Dual Product Launch With Wearable Tech

We executed two successful launches with 11,000 retail visits over seven weeks across 48 states, and provided key qualitative and quantitative market feedback.

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Expanding Fiber Optic Distribution Over Seven Years

We have continually expanded distribution, and generated superior sales results for our telecom client since 2006.

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Taking Sales in a New Direction

With a program acknowledged as a turning point for the company, we added over 93,000 customers annually into a previously declining business model.

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Gaining Merchandising and Retail Insights

In only 12 days, we compiled over 300,000 retail insight data points that allowed our client to focus on the right products in the right markets.

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